Singer/Songwriter and Musician
Singer/Songwriter and Musician

Liner Notes

Colorado: Written in 1988 about a long distance relationship and the longing that can create.

Holly’s Song: The amusing story of Holly’s Song begins with a woman I befriended not long ago. While she is one of the most positive and happy people I know, for the longest time, when I played a song on the guitar, she would cry. One particular evening I was singing, “Me and Bobby McGee” and she literally left the building in tears. I thought, “Really? Me and Bobby McGee?” So I wrote Holly’s Song as a joking way to create a happy response. It worked. She laughs every time she hears it AND she no longer cries at Bobby McGee! The refrain of Holly’s Song is a tribute to other happy memories of family. I was very close to my Grandmother who passed the day after 9/11 at the spry age of 93. Her favorite song was “Keep On The Sunny Side of Life.” She’d sometimes dance around the kitchen – caring not who was watching – while singing with that delightful voice of hers. She often requested that I sing too.

Whoever You Are: I think each of us longs for that someone we create in our mind, sometimes so vividly that we’re certain we’ll know them when they appear. I dedicate this to all who search for and find that special someone – someone they’ve known all their life – though they’ve just met.

All-In: The risky game of love, commitment and poker.

Every Stranger Needs a Friend: Like so many songs that come out of our observations in life, this one comes from a combination of things I observed in a bar one night years ago, coupled with my own feeling of sadness and hope at the end of a relationship. So I’ll dedicate this one to the couple by the jukebox and the power of connection and compassion that can be seen from across the room.

Don Gato: I learned this song in my fourth grade music class and it has remained a family favorite for several generations of our kids.

A Prayer: I wrote A Prayer in the summer of 2011 after a particularly forwarding time of self discovery. I was asking myself how the world might be if we all took personal responsibility for what we see around us, as if we really do, as God’s children – through our very thoughts, actions or inactions – create it all. Now, that’s a powerful thought, one that brings with it the responsibility to create something better than what we currently see in the world around us. I want to come from that place in my heart everyday.