Singer/Songwriter and Musician
Singer/Songwriter and Musician

Welcome to my web site and blog!

I look forward to sharing my music, thoughts and experiences with you as I begin this journey.

I’m not completely certain why I waited until now to share my music commercially. I’ve written and performed live before very receiving audiences for years.  But, I remember that when I was very young, sharing my music publicly felt like opening my diary to prying eyes. I was so young when I began writing and my childhood, like many of you, was affected by the disease of alcoholism. My music, my guitar became my refuge. So of course I felt vulnerable when I shared the thoughts and feelings that came through.

Eventually though, I realized that our experiences, our triumphs and failures, are often common experiences. Sharing them can be very healing and uplifting, creating the kind of “connectedness” only music can. That truly excites me. By the time I began to realize this, life had led me into other areas of the music industry, outside of performance and this was enough. I also found truth in the saying that “the most fulfilling life is one in service to others,” as I spent and continue to spend time creating opportunities for children and families affected by disability. How lucky can one Gal be to live such a charmed and blessed life as i?  Music, connectedness, service.

Thank God for the passage of time, the peace and wisdom that comes from it. Thanks too for the old friend music is to those of us who can’t seem to stop giving voice to that “something” that comes to us, and through us, from a place I still can’t describe, but recognize as a part of our spirit.

That said, I’m simply grateful that you’ve come here to listen to a song or share a song with someone else. I look forward to “connecting” with you often.

All the best!

Tommie Storms
Atlanta, GA
May 1, 2014

P.S. Today would be my Grandfather’s 122th birthday.  He lived to be 102 and was square dancing three months before his passing. I wanna live like that. I am living like that! Happy Birthday Morgan.